Wheelers Hill : Custom Luxury Builder – Knockdown & Rebuild

Why Sperway Homes

Looking for a custom home builder with 35 years of experience in providing a fantastic, personalised service from concept right through to construction in the Wheelers Hill area? Then Sperway Homes is the place to go. One of the top talents from Sperway’s design department can visit your existing home to discuss your plans or you can visit our office to design your luxurious and unique new home. Blending your ideas with our skills and building expertise, backed by our long history in the industry means we will create a superb dream home specially for you in Wheelers Hill.

Wheelers Hill Custom Home Builder

Builders in Wheelers Hill are highly talented and a tour of the area will show many Sperway Homes built by this creative team. They custom build top quality luxury homes that take advantage of all the great things Wheelers Hill has to offer. One of these is that Wheelers Hill is one of the highest points in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. The views are spectacular!

Sperway Homes has more than 35 years’ experience, and a faultless reputation for a construction process focused on creative designs, strong partnerships, and on-time, on-budget builds with fantastic customer service from start to finish.

Wheelers Hill Knockdown and Rebuild

A knockdown and rebuild is no small affair and not one to be done by just anybody. Knockdown and rebuild projects carried out by Sperways Homes specialists in Wheelers Hill will make the process successful and hassle-free. Buyers and homeowners are realising how much they can save in time, expense and convenience by knocking down and rebuilding. Sperway Homes Wheelers Hill are at the top of their class and can bring you quality, custom built luxury in your new home, and potential profits. What’s more, they’re always on time, and spot on budget.

Wheelers Hill Luxury Home

Your luxury Wheelers Hill dream home begins with a free design consultation by a Sperway Homes professional. Wheelers Hill is a sought after area for custom-built luxury and family oriented lifestyles, so deciding on a Sperway Homes project you are guaranteed a hassle-free process from design and efficient construction, to the happy day you are handed the keys. Our highly skilled team of Wheelers Hill professionals can materialise your dream of a luxury home, and do it fast. You can get on with your life while Sperway Homes Wheelers Hill takes care of the build and all the details once you’re satisfied with your custom design. Sperway’s passion is for all their clients to be more than happy with the results and with 35 years of successful builds and a 10-year extended construction guarantee, your luxury home will be a lifelong dream come true.

Wheelers Hill Mandarin & Cantonese Speaking

Many Chinese people have decided to invest in Australian assets and at Sperway Homes Wheelers Hill we are well-versed in our Chinese clients’ needs. We not only employ Mandarin and Cantonese speakers so we understand the language, but we also respectfully understand the culture. We are aware that there are lucky and unlucky numbers and colours to consider and many clients prefer the principles of Feng Shui in their home. Our Wheelers Hill team can realise what Chinese clients visualise and bring them a truly fabulous and lucky home. All it takes is a free quote, either in your home or our office. Just call Sperway Homes.


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