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Why Sperway Homes

Sperway Homes Surrey Hills is a custom builder with a long history of success. The personalised service you will get in the Surrey Hills area ensures you will be happy with the end product and the process. Surrey Hills builders offer a unique service from conception to construction and beyond, so if that’s what you are looking for, then Sperway Homes is the best choice for you. Our highly skilled designers can come to your home to discuss your plans, or you can come along to our office to participate in the design of your original, prestigious, custom built home. Blending your ideas with our skills and building expertise, backed by our 35+ years of experience, means we will create a dream home especially for you in Surrey Hills.

Custom Home Builder Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills is one of Melbourne’s classic leafy eastern suburbs and is 11 kilometres from the CBD. It has slightly smaller blocks and simpler housing than its neighbour Canterbury but the streets are lined with mature European trees. Your Surrey Hills builder understands the location and the market and can create a custom built home that fits in with the history and heritage of the area. Your Surrey Hills builders offer families individually styled homes full of comfort, elegance and prestige. Sperway Homes has a reputation for a faultless building process and its creative designs, reliable services, strong partnerships, and budget-aware, on-time builds make it a fantastic choice for your custom built home in Surrey Hills.

Knockdown and Rebuild Surrey Hills

Anyone fortunate enough to own a block in Surrey Hills, a top suburb of Melbourne, possibly owns an older home they’d like to knockdown and rebuild. This is a wise investment and a great opportunity to have a custom-built dream home. Many find it more affordable, rather than trying to deal with all the inconvenience and cost of moving to a new location. Sperway Homes is expert at Melbourne knockdown and rebuilds and our skilled, qualified and highly talented Surrey Hills builders are passionate about ensuring your Surrey Hills knockdown and rebuild is done the right way, at the right price and right on time.

Luxury Home Surrey Hills

Your dream of a luxury Surrey Hills home in this very desirable suburb can become a reality after a free and simple design consultation. This suburb is one of the best when it comes to custom-built luxury. So, choosing Sperway homes guarantees you a hassle-free design and fast construction by our highly talented team of Surrey Hills build experts. Partnering with Sperway means your luxury custom built dream home can be yours in what will seem like no time at all. At Sperway our goal is for every homeowner to be happy with the result and experience a stress-free building process. We will take care of all of the details and with our 35+ years of experience and a 10-year extended construction guarantee you will be well pleased.

Mandarin & Cantonese Speaking Surrey Hills

Some of the most astute investors in Australian assets are the Chinese and at Sperway Homes we specialise in Chinese builds that satisfy our Asian clients. With Surrey Hills staff fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese we understand the language and we know exactly what the needs of our Asian clients are. We are aware of cultural expectations and that there are lucky numbers and colours to take into account. Many clients ask for builds that follow the principles of Feng Shui and we are more than happy to oblige. Our Surrey Hills team who are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese know how to realise our Chinese clients’ dreams and bring them a happy and lucky home. Call Sperway Homes now for your custom built dream Surrey Hills  home.


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