Mandarin & Cantonese Speaking Clients



请致电Angela Wei (手机) 零四零壹 零壹五 四四零

Sperway Homes在定制豪宅中享有盛名,并且我们具有超前的设计理念,强硬的画图实力和丰富的经验来为您这样的客户设计出最满意的房子,因为

  • 我们只聘请最顶尖的人才
  • 我们的员工会花时间和精力来细心琢磨什么才是只属于你自己完美的家
  • 并且帮你把梦想的家园搬入现实


作为一个具有35年设计与建造历史的信誉企业,相信Sperway Homes一定会给您一个无与伦比的私人定制服务,以及10年的建筑保修。


请致电Angela Wei (手机) 零四零壹 零壹五 四四零

Build with confidence 请致电
Angela Wei (零三) 九五三五 四七二二

We Speak Mandarin and Cantonese - Build with confidence 请致电 Angela Wei (零三) 九五三五 四七二二

We are committed to providing exceptional personal service

We have Mandarin and Cantonese speaking staff to ensure a pleasant building experience.

Sperway Homes is the trusted name in custom built luxury homes. We have a long history of building impressive homes for clients like you because:

  • we only hire the best and brightest people,
  • our staff take the time and make the effort to understand what you want, then
  • they get it done.

We have developed a strong, credible reputation over the last 35 years by delivering exactly what we promise.

Every project is custom designed, meticulously planned and built with quality materials to produce a beautiful home and happy clients. The whole process is seamlessly managed by your dedicated, experienced, qualified Building Project Manager and Design Consultant.

Putting your trust in Sperway Homes guarantees unmatched personal service, the assurance of a 10 year structural warranty and the confidence of building with a reputable company that has been established for 40 years.

If required we can arrange for you to speak with a previous Mandarin or Cantonese speaking client.

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