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Why Sperway Homes

Sperway Homes has been in the business of custom building luxury homes and knockdowns and rebuilds for the past 35 years. The company has a long history as a custom home builder, along with a unique, personalised service in the Burwood area from conception to construction. Our top consultants can visit you to discuss your ideas in the comfort of your own home, or you can come to our office to design your original, new home. Using your ideas and our skills and building expertise, we will create a dream home specially for you in Burwood.

Custom Home Builder Burwood

The builders in Burwood, 14 km east of Melbourne’s CBD, are second to none. Many searching for their custom-built dream home in this lovely suburb choose the Burwood builders at Sperway Homes because of their long and faultless history of construction in the area. As a custom home builder in Burwood, Sperway is trusted by the locals and we are renowned for our quality workmanship and expertise in creating luxury homes. The homes exude elegance and style, prestige and comfort, based on creative designs and on-time, on budget builds.

Knockdown and Rebuild Burwood

Anyone fortunate enough to own a house in Burwood probably fell in love with the location but they are no doubt a little bit ‘over’ the aged house on the block. So they decide on a knockdown and rebuild because it’s a sensible investment and a fantastic opportunity to have their own custom-built dream home. Many find it more affordable, rather than all the trouble and cost of moving to a new location. Sperway Homes is an expert at Melbourne knockdown and rebuilds and our highly qualified team is dedicated to making sure your knockdown rebuild is the best you can find for the price you want.

Luxury Home Burwood

Your luxury Burwood home starts with a no obligation, free design consultation. Burwood is a great area for custom-built luxury and family friendly living, so your choice of a Sperway Homes project guarantees you a worry-free, quick construction by our highly talented team of Burwood build experts. Partnering with Sperway means your luxury home can be yours faster than you realise. At Sperway our aim is for all their clients to realise their dream without the stress. We take care of everything and with our 35 years of experience and the 10-year extended construction guarantee there is every reason to choose Sperway Homes Burwood.

Mandarin & Cantonese Speaking Burwood

At Sperway Homes Burwood we specialise in Chinese construction. We understand the language, with Mandarin and Cantonese speakers as valued staff members. We are also aware of the special needs of our Asian clients. With regard to their culture and expectations, we know what the lucky and unlucky colours and numbers are for instance, and many Chinese clients prefer to have their homes built according to the principles of Feng Shui. Our team knows how to bring our Asian clients a truly wonderful and lucky home. To put the dream into action, just call for a free quote, either in our office or your home, where we can combine your ideas with our skills and get moving. Call Sperway Homes now for your custom dream home.


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